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For our Clients:

To provide the most satisfying, well represented, and hassle-free purchase or sale transaction possible, and for my clients to be so satisfied that they call me the minute they have a friend or family member who has a real estate related question, because they wouldn’t let someone they care about call anyone else!

For our Team:

To provide an environment of education, growth and success, as well as the awareness that business is not a “zero-sum” proposition where someone has to lose in order for another to win. I believe we can all win, if we work together.

For our Families:

To make our living, while growing my personal goal of leaving the world a better place, by utilizing green business practices, incorporating local businesses into my product wherever possible, sponsoring philanthropic efforts and events which build community (local and global).

Areas of Expertise

  • Clients

    • Relocation
    • Young families upsizing
    • Retirement and/or downsizing
    • Investment/rental
    • First time homebuyers

  • Property Types

    • Single Family Homes (primary or secondary/investment)
    • Multi-Family Dwellings (for investment/rental)
    • Rural (wells and septics)
    • Luxury Homes
    • Horse Properties
    • HUD, auction, and renovation properties

  • Transaction Types

    • Cash to owner/mortgage financing
    • Seller financing
    • Renovation financing
    • 1031 exchange
    • Pre-Foreclosure / Short Sale
    • Post-Foreclosure / Bank owned (reo) properties
    • Equity exchange


After 16 years enjoying a successful career in the biotech and software development industries, culminating in my appointment as Vice President of Client Relations, I chose a second career in Real Estate with the clear knowledge that there is nothing more important to the success of any business than listening to its clients.

As the former VP of a software startup, I know how to go to bat and come home a winner. I’ve done it for myself, now, let me do it for you! I have been a Realtor® since 2005 and have consistently won annual production awards from the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors and Keller Williams Realty. I can be your personal VP of Sales!

In real estate, as in software, my success is based on your satisfaction.  It is my goal to provide you with the easiest and most satisfying transaction whether you are buying or selling a home.  This means so many different things — providing all of the information you need to make tough decisions easier; using my knowledge of the market to write contracts designed to get you exactly what you want as quickly as possible; and communicating with you every step of the way so that you and I both have no unnecessary worries, from start to finish.

I consistently pursue education to continually improve my skills and stay on top of the market, top technologies, best practices, and changes in legislation which pertain to the transfer and ownership of property in New Mexico.


Maria Pumilia

Team Leader



All real estate professionals are not REALTORS®. The fact is, some Real Estate Brokers are members of the National Association of REALTORS ® (NAR) and thus are REALTORS®, some are not. What’s the difference to you and your bottom line? HUGE. Read a full description here.

Before you hire a real estate professional to help you buy or sell a property, be sure to ask if they are a REALTOR®

Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE)

This designation is designed to give the professional negotiation techniques, approaches, and skills to achieve the best possible outcomes given the market situation and the client’s personal situation. The training is tailored to address real estate negotiation situations and includes hands-on practice in role plays and case studies.

I have held this designation since January 16 2008, and I use it every day. In case you are not already convinced and you would like more information on why this important to YOU as a consumer, read a full description here.


Certified EcoBrokers® are trained in the issues that drive the growing demand by consumers for home and business environments that are safe, non-toxic and energy efficient. I will have held this designation since January 2009. For more information on all the aspects of this designation, read a full description here.

Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)

Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Realtors who receive the CRS Designation have completed advanced courses and have demonstrated professional expertise in the field of residential real estate. Fewer than 4% of Realtors nationwide have earned the credential.

Notary Public

I am licensed by the State of New Mexico and the National Notary Association. I offer free notary services – please don’t hesitate to contact me should you ever need notary services for a personal or business document.

NM Wells and Septics

I have helped both buyers and sellers close properties with wells and septics. If you have a well or septic system currently, or are considering the purchase of a property with a well or septic system, then you MUST have a real estate professional who is well versed in the most recent regulations pertaining to these systems. NM has recently instituted new laws with regard to the transfer of property that has a well or septic system, much of which has not been well publicized.

Many real estate professionals are completely unaware of these changes. If you do not have someone advising you about these regulations, you can run into significant issues, including the loss of your well or septic permit (imagine how hard it would be to sell your property without that!), or you could purchase a property with a well or septic that may create problems when it comes time for you to live in it or sell it.

In addition to my experience, I have also earned credit hours in the only Well and Septic systems related class that was accredited by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission in 2008, “Wells and Septics – A Broker’s Guide To Regs”.


I have closed foreclosures for both buyers and sellers. I continually supplement my experiential knowledge with education. I have earned credit hours in the only foreclosure related class that was been accredited by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission, “Understanding Foreclosures in New Mexico”. Topics and case studies we covered include:

 How to find properties in foreclosure

 How to work with sellers in foreclosure

 How to work with buyers interested in foreclosure properties

 Where to find financing

 How lenders market homes after foreclosure

 How Bankruptcy effects the foreclosure process

 The steps in the foreclosure process.

 What can be done to slow the process?

 Finally, Strategies for Listing, Buying or lending.


Member: Loss Mitigation Institute LLC since March 2009

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange of Real Property

I have closed 1031 Exchanges for both buyers and sellers. Property sellers seeking tax relief from capital gain taxes on the sale of their property can sometimes utilize the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange – a real estate transaction that is structured to meet the IRS requirements for capital gains and recapture tax deferral. The transaction must meet very specific guidelines for execution in order to be eligible for the tax benefit. I continually supplement my experiential knowledge with education. I have earned credit hours in a class that has been accredited by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission, “IRC Section 1031”. This class included topics such as:

 What are the steps of a 1031 Exchange?

 What is a Qualified Intermediary and what do they do?

 What are the statutory requirements of the property to be sold?

 What are the statutory requirements of the replacement property?

 How must the transaction be structured and timed for eligibility?

 Delayed Exchange Rules

 Tax advantages of the 1031 Exchange

Equity Exchange of Real Property

I am a member of the New Mexico Council of Exchangors, a unique group that meets regularly for the purpose of exposing and marketing properties, exchanging ideas, solving problems and creating transactions for our customers and clients in a cooperative and innovative environment.